Natalya Reznik and Denis Davydov were born in Perm (Russia) in 1981/1983. They have worked together on several projects (Virtual Acquaintances, Needful Things, A Stolen Archive of Otto Steiner), reflecting political and social issues of Soviet and Post-soviet Russia (immigration, problems of elderly people, politics of Russia in the Soviet time).

Natalya’s individual projects such as “Looking for my father” or “Aging” are more focused on her private family issues (aging and sickness of her grandmother or divorce of her parents and loss of her father).

Since 2013 Natalya has been teaching photography online at the Fotodepartament Foundation. Besides her practical activity, she works as an art critic (in 2008 she got Ph.D. in philosophy of culture in St-Petersburg State University) and writes texts on photography. She is the author of texts for Goethe-Institute, Calvert Journal, VASA Journal, Urbanautica etc.

Natalya and Denis took part in the exhibitions in Moscow (The best young artists of Photobiennale 2010 organized by Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow), Saint-Petersburg (Young photography, organized by Fotodepartament), Perm (Perm Museum of Contemporary Art), Ekaterinburg (National Centre for Contemporary Arts), Paris (organized by Maria Inc.), USA (Parsons School of Design), Brazil (FestFoto), Portugal (Festival Encontros da Imagem), Poland (Warsaw PhotoDays) etc. Natalya and Denis were selected as best young artists of Moscow Photobiennale 2010.

In 2014 Natalya published her first photo book “Secrets” reflecting her own experience of immigration. Her second photo book “Looking for my father” was published in 2014.  The books were selected for several international festivals and photo book shows. The new photo book “Hope” is coming soon.

Since 2011 Natalya and Denis are based in Germany (Erlangen).

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