Hope / Nadezda (2018)

Natalya Reznik 126 pages,
150×220 mm
Open binding,
10 pages sewn together by hand.

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I started to work on this project ten years ago. I photographed my Grandmother, Nadezda (her name means “Hope” in Russian) for several years in Perm, Russia, where we lived together. Then I moved to Germany, but my Mom keeps me informed about Grandmother’s life. Nadezda is developing Alzheimer’s disease and beginning to forget more frequently who she is.

Grandmother was never imprisoned, she raised her children herself, and although she lived poorly, it was a relatively good life, by Soviet standards. But now she tells of being held in custody, losing her children, and spending her own childhood in an orphanage.

Has the collective memory become her own memory? The memory of those born in the 20’s and growing up in the 30’s right after the Revolution, in the Soviet land, fraught with repressions, where displacement, forced uprooting, and deportation were so common?

At the same time, Mom tries to provide Grandmother with the lost fragments of her identity. She patiently repeats who Grandmother is. And at some moment, their lives merge, and it becomes hard to understand to whom these memories belong.


  • “Photobookfest 2018” (Moscow, Russia) (2018)